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Pigment Lightening

Permanent Makeup (Tattoo)

$200 and up

Pigment Lightening Permanent Makeup (Tattoo) can be used to help you get your confidence back by camouflaging and disguising skin imperfections like scars left by surgery, accidents or the loss of skin pigmentation associated with conditions such as vitiligo.

The success of the pigment lightening permanent makeup procedure is dependent on the correct skin tone colours being selected to achieve a look that ‘merges’ into the surrounding skin. 

In order to achieve optimal results, we will create custom blends of pigment and may carry out several test patches on the depigmented site. 

After 6 weeks the colour will stabilize we will be able to decide on which of the patch test colours to proceed with.

Micropigmented areas WILL NOT TAN, because the skin in the hypo-pigmented area (skin lacking colour) is no longer capable of tanning. 

However, a re-pigmented area will be much less noticeable when you tan, and can be temporarily darkened with temporary tan products.

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Pigment Lightening Permanent Makeup (Tattoo)

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